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Built for Social Payments

We connect & empower people by bringing Web3 to their lives.

Send and Receive money on your favorite social platform
Claim your unique PIP tag
Share your PIP tag anywhere for easy payments

Web3 link you’ll ever need

Pay and get paid instantly on your own profile page

New Web3 identity
Use it anywhere
Collect Payments
Accept Tips or Donations
Connect with your social profiles
NFT Module
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Share your content
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More integrations
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The future of Web3 Payment

PIP is bringing full-range financial services. Creating frictionless solutions for creators, businesses, merchants and daily crypto users

Accept payments almost anywhere with PIP buttons
Embed to your website
Customize your button
No-code required
Virtual & Physical PIP Cards
Spend Solana and USDC anywhere at online or offline merchants with PIP Card.
PIP Connect
Payments SDK for small businesses and wallets.
PIP Commerce
Crypto payments on shops like Amazon, eBay, Shopify...