Instant Payments

Create a PIP payment link and send crypto to anyone, even if you don't know their wallet address.

Full-featured dashboard for payment activities
Multiple sharing options for your payment link
Public key or wallet extension withdrawals

Send crypto to anyone
quickly, easily, and securely

Get ready for seamless online payments, with digital currencies.

Create Payment Link

Set payment details

Select your preferred currency and set the amount for your payment link.

Create a payment link

Add a message, select payment due options and create your payment link.

Share your payment link

Share your payment link with the receiver via email, QR code or with other sharing options.

Got Questions?
What is Payment Link?
Where can I use payment links?
How can I create a payment link?
How can I withdraw funds from payment links?
Does the payment link support mobile?
Can I cancel the payment link at any time?

Crypto Payments