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Frequently Asked Questions

PIP Extension
What is PIP Extension?
How do I use PIP Extension?
What is PIP tag?
What happens if I sent money to someone who doesn't use PIP?
I accidentally sent money to the wrong post. Can I cancel the payment?
I just sent money to my friend on Twitter. When will my friend receive the payment?
What is reward farming?
How do I use tags to send money?
PIP Button
What is PIP Button?
How can I create PIP Button?
Is PIP Button free?
How to embed PIP Button on my website?
What can I do with PIP Button?
Does PIP Button support mobile payments?
What is PIP.ME?
What is PIP.ME used for?
Can you get paid on PIP.ME?
What is the biggest difference between PIP.me and other profile links?
How can I display NFTs on my PIP.ME?
Payment Links
What is Payment Link?
Where can I use payment links?
How can I create a payment link?
How can I withdraw funds from payment links?
Does the payment link support mobile?
Can I cancel the payment link at any time?
How do I create an invoice using PIP’s invoice tool?
Can I send invoices to people who don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet?
Is it secure to use PIP’s crypto invoice tool?
How long does receiving payment with PIP’s crypto invoice tool take?
What cryptocurrencies can I receive with PIP’s crypto invoice tool?
Can I cancel the invoice at any time?
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