We are a mission-driven, consumer-focused, creative builders who are dedicated to bring positive changes to the world.

Our mission

We set on a mission to export economic freedom to the world, empowering 1.7 billion people with no bank account across the globe. Our team is here to build technologies and services that help people to break free from local economies and connect one another financially.


Jeff Baek

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff has 9 years of experience in the blockchain industry, working at Fenbushi Capital and  as well as founding one of the largest conferences in the world,

Umit Akcan

Chief Product Officer

Umit has 11 years of experience in Product design and has spent the 7 years working in the blockchain industry. Prior to PIP, Umit was a Senior Design Lead at companies like Alto labs, GDAC, Lab80, and Foreseer.

Hank Park

Chief Technical Officer

Hank is a highly experienced software developer with over 25 years of experience. Prior to joining PIP, Hank worked as a Senior software engineer at various startups; such as OPcode, BeNative and GDAC.

Kyle Lee

Chief Operating Officer

Kyle majored in mathematics and computer science and worked as a software engineer at Xinics and has 10 years of experience in equity, FICC derivative structuring at Daewoo Securities.

Board of Advisors

David Chaum

Advisory Board Member

David Chaum is a computer scientist, cryptographer, and inventor. He is known as a pioneer in cryptography and privacy preserving technologies, and widely recognized as the inventor of digital cash.

Gin Chao

Advisory Board Member

Gin is the founder of NoLimit Holdings, a Web3 VC firm.  Gin was the Strategy Officer at and currently serves as a board member at Binance.US. Gin was previously a corporate development executive for the NBA and Dell.

Jack C. Liu

Advisory Board Member

Jack has 10 years in the blockchain industry, serving as Director of Strategy at Kraken,  Chief Strategy Officer at Okcoin, and managing director at Circle. Jack is currently a consultant at